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Welcome to KOKUBAN

"AKI Blackboard Ex 2" is one and only one as Blackboard simulator. Enjoy drawing with creative style.

Next-generation Blackboard

"AKI Blackboard Ex 2" has many function.

  • World's first chalk system can draw with chalk lying.
    • It's easy to use with good UI to use mouse-wheel.
    • Realistic trace.
  • By speed of beginning drawing, Chalk's weight will be changed.
  • Too fast to draw, you can't draw a line.
  • By using DirectX, beautiful KOKUBAN.
  • Easily, can take a screenshot with [F12] key.
  • Can save as JPEG format.

What's new

February 1, 2006
Released AKI Blackboard Ex 2 ver. 2.00

Download now!

Checked PC

Windows XP
with DirectX

About AKI Blackboard Ex

AKI Blackboard Ex is simulator of Blackboard made by Hiroki Akiyama. It was made in the spring of 2005 as world's first one.

Changed points from AKI Kokuban, are functions of showing chalk dust and changing color of chalk more real.

And then, This soft was awarded with U-20 Programming Contest (by METI in 2005) , and H.Akiyama was awarded a prize of highest METI ministry prize.